next level consulting

Our professional and innovative experts advise
in these areas: project management,
process management and
change management.

next level academy

A professional education and training
is the best investment in the future.
With our international education
program we provide you with an
advantage in knowledge
for your career.


Interim Management

Our interim management pool has the
right temporary solution for your
specific needs. We provide a range
of proven experts within 48 hours.


next level solutions

Whether project or process management:
we have the tools to help implement
your projects successfully.
Additionally, we provide services:
we customize the software
for your company
and train your


next level emotion

If the people are well - the economy is well.
We make emotional processes
accessible and accompany
actively dealing
with emotions.


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Interview Wolfgang Rabl, CEO next level holding

Wolfgang Rabl, CEO, about work priorities and focus areas and values ​​of the next level holding.

Experience X-Moments.




Wanted: Stronger Sisterhood

„Don’t walk over me, I’m too tall for that!“ – read how 40 female change and project managers explore their strengths at the next level Women’s Day Event in Cape Town. How can networking benefit women’s careers (“sisterhood”!)? Is sensitivity at work actually a weakness? Read more …


A Special Breakfast at the Cape

Our CEO Wolfgang Rabl visited Cape Town to support Tina Hiller and her team in South Africa with their first client event. Unexpectedly - the Danube was in the way at first. Read more …


It takes a village to raise a child…

... and it takes a lot of good will, listening, courage and openness to grow a strong team. But is this enough when the team is frustrated and disappointed in its leadership? Read more …


Introduction next level South Africa-Team

Intercultural team? – Well, next level consulting South Africa demonstrates the true meaning of working together successfully with team members from all different kinds of cultures, races, genders, nationalities and religions. What makes them successful? Read more …


New staff at next level solutions

next level solutions continues to grow! We are pleased to welcome two new staff members. Meet Sabine Till and Paul Schuster and learn how they will support next level Solutions in the future . Read more …